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We help children and adults who are struggling at home, school or work. By identifying the root causes of those struggles, we can do something about it. Our Individualized Brain Development Program will target and develop your cognitive skills in many areas ranging from memory, focus, and problem solving, to reading, listening comprehension, and much more.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle – we can help.

How Breakthroughs Was Born

Pauline Turton, Founder and Director of Breakthroughs in Learning began her research at a point of desperation when her two sons where diagnosed with multiple, significant learning disabilities. When her son Michael was nine years old, two specialists told her he would never be able to read, write or hold a job.

Determined to find a solution, Pauline sought out ways to develop brain skills including short term memory, comprehension and more.

Through seven years of research, collaborating with multiple experts and many answered prayers, Pauline discovered how to target and develop her son’s brain skills.

The results were astounding!

Michael started showing measurable improvement. His academic performance gradually progressed and he experienced significant increase in his physical, mental, and emotional stability.

Michael went from feeling helpless, frustrated and angry, to developing the physical, mental, social, and emotional skills necessary to be successful.

Pauline’s oldest son, Matthew, had multiple learning disabilities that centred around his inability to write. At age 15 he could only write 3 sentences in an hour of hard work. Pauline’s research and years of implementation led to Matthew’s breakthrough on January 25th of his Grade 10 year when he wrote a full page in just 15 minutes.

Matthew never looked back. He graduated high school, college and university on the honour roll with no accommodations. Matthew went on to study Psychology, and is now an Educational Therapist and Vice President of Breakthroughs in Learning.

His personal experience, and 15 years as an Educational Therapist, led to countless speaking engagements at Parent and Teacher conferences across Canada as well as a book deal.

As Matthew’s and Michael’s lives started to improve, other parents noticed the changes in Pauline’s children and asked her to help their children as well. She started developing and implementing individual programs to help each child with all types of learning disabilities.

After working out of a home office for several years, Pauline founded Breakthroughs, an unparalleled brain training program and support system that helps people overcome learning challenges, and make long-term, positive change in their lives.

“Here at Breakthroughs, our goal is to affect lasting, positive change by dealing with the root cause of learning disabilities, and not by solely making classroom accommodations. In fact, we’ve been making a difference in the lives of children and adults through our unique, customized approach for nearly 20 years.”

Now 20 years later Breakthroughs has helped thousands of children, adults and their families. Working with a wide variety of clients, Breakthroughs creates an Individualized Brain Development Program for each client to specifically target underdeveloped skills identified in the assessment process. Areas frequently developed include, but are not limited to, short term memory, listening comprehension, reading skills, focus and attention and gross motor co-ordination.

Are you or someone you love struggling at home, at school or at work? We can help!

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Meet The Team

Pauline Turton Founder & Director

Pauline didn't choose to have two children with learning disabilities, but it is a role she tackled head on. She took on the world and left no book unread in her effort to find the keys to their breakthroughs.

Now Pauline leads a team that has helped thousands of people achieve their breakthrough.

At any given point Pauline can be found reading 6-10 books ranging from auditory processing to ADHD to cognitive neuroscience.

Matthew Turton Vice President

From an early age Matthew loved to talk, and now he gets paid to do just that.

Having grown up with Learning Disabilities and overcome them, Breakthroughs is an opportunity for him to give back.

When not in the office Matthew can be found seeking adventure with his wife and children, preferably on a mountain or in a kayak.

Meet The Team

Krystal Hundt

Senior Educational Therapist

Krystal always dreamed of being a Windex salesman until at the tender age of 12 she ran through a glass door. Now an invaluable part of the Breakthroughs team she helps her clients get a clear picture of what their future can look like. After 5pm Krystal enjoys spending time with her hubby and 3 daughters.

Allie Barnum

Customer Care Extraordinaire

Voted most likely to cheer up your day, Allie fearlessly fends off mountains of paperwork at the front desk. If you have a question, she's got the answer (and if not she'll find out!). After hours Allie ruthlessly attacks puzzles that make grown men cry (including one of a polar bear eating marshmallows in a blizzard)

Jan Dettwiler

Educational Therapist

Jan's big heart and experience working with children with learning disabilities make her an excellent fit for the Breakthroughs team. When Jan isn't at work she enjoys spending time with her family – and if you enjoy good food, you should try her amazing Sweet Potato Casserole!!

Ica Dudok

Educational Therapist

If you could only bring one thing to a desert island, Ica is the right choice. If you need something she can find it, if she can't find it, she can make it. On top of that, if there is a fun game, she’s played it! She is also responsible for finding most of the 400+ educational games we use at Breakthroughs.

Melissa Grubb

Educational Therapist

Kryptonte is to Superman, as spiders are to Melissa; other than that, she's invincible. She loves psychology and can often be overheard discussing things like Sternberg's Triarchic theory of Multiple Intelligence. Her love of everything ‘brain’ drives her to find answers to help her clients. She's not sure what free time is but imagines she would spend it trying to get caught up on her sleep.

Patricia Nugteren

Educational Therapist

Hailing from the land of tulips, windmills and soccer, Patricia is always up for a quick game of guess what country the tall, blue eyed & blond lady is from. She brings with her years of experience working with exceptional children and a personality that puts them at ease. Off the clock Patricia can be found out in the countryside, the place she loves best.

Sally Snethlage

Educational Therapist

One day Sally stumbled on the chance to change the world and hasn't looked back. Each day is an opportunity to change the life of one of her clients. Sally has climbed the world's tallest freestanding mountain, enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and teaches cooking classes in her free time.

Diana Murdoch

Educational Therapist

Diana’s passion for learning is contagious. A lifelong student of psychology and music aficionado she is as comfortable discussing theories of information processing as she is Mozart. Her objective is to help each of her clients develop the skills they need so that school can be fun and learning isn’t something to avoid.

April Patterson

Educational Therapist

Reigning champion of the card game Pit, April brings her passion to everything she does. April is the lead therapist for our Wednesday evening group sessions and has done an amazing job translating our one-on-one methods into a group setting. During the day April homeschools her three children and enjoys family time and home renos.

A Customized Solution for Students to Overcome Learning Disabilities

Is your child having difficulty at school or at home? From Kindergarten all the way to University, our Educational Assessments and Therapy can help! Our Cognitive Assessments and Therapy will identify areas of weakness and specifically target them for development.

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Increase Your Cognitive Abilities at Any Age

If you or your loved one is having difficulty at work or at home, we can help! On a daily basis many people face struggles like weak short term memory, lack of focus and poor comprehension that could be avoided. Our Cognitive Assessments and Therapy will identify areas of weakness and specifically target them for development.

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