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Dear Parent…

I’ve been where you are now – looking for answers to a problem that seems insurmountable.

Both of my sons, Matthew and Michael, where diagnosed with multiple learning disabilities that dramatically limited their daily functioning, and their future.

When Michael was nine years old, two specialists said that he would never be able to read, write or hold a job.

Matthew was diagnosed with ADHD, with an Expressive Language Disorder, as well as Dysgraphia.

Initially, I thought two or three years of one-on-one attention would prepare them, but I didn’t seem able to find the keys to unlock the challenges they were dealing with.

I prayed daily for the patience and faith to face these challenges. Despite my years of experience teaching primary grades, and years of committed effort, my youngest son Michael still couldn’t read a word by the end of Grade 3. At the age of 15, my oldest son Matthew couldn’t write more than three sentences in an hour of hard work. Even though he was considered gifted, two of the brain skills required for written language were disabled.

After 7 years of research and fervent prayer, desperately looking for answers to help my own two children, I finally began to find ways to change the outcome of my boys’ lives and help them reach their potential!

The results were profound.

Michael started showing measurable improvement in his academic performance and his focus, and the increase in his physical, mental, and emotional stability was significant. Today, Michael enjoys reading and can do so at an adult level with good comprehension.

Michael went from feeling helpless, frustrated, and angry, to developing the physical, mental, social, and emotional skills necessary to be successful. He now makes a good living as a construction foreman.

After Matthew’s breakthrough he went on to high school, college and university on the honour roll. He is now the Vice President of Breakthroughs in Learning and Careers.

You can download the full story of our family here.


After my challenging experiences with Michael and Matthew, people noticed the changes and began requesting I work with their children as well. Eventually I made it my mission to share this knowledge with families around the world who were struggling with the kind of learning disability “life sentences” that my sons faced.

I believe all students, no matter what their challenges, should have the education and support to realize their full potential. Unfortunately, this support cannot be found in traditional schools, counselling or tutoring. The root causes of the challenges must be identified, stengthened and balanced.

That’s why I founded Breakthroughs in Learning.

Unlike tutoring, which involves teaching content in smaller pieces, or in a different way, one-on-one educational therapy at Breakthroughs focuses on individual brain skill development to increase the skills that are creating challenges.

For over 20 years I have had the opportunity to help thousands of children get their breakthrough. If your child is struggling to learn, know that change and success are possible.

As a parent myself, my advice to you is: Don’t wait!

The longer your child tries and fails, the more likely it will affect their self-esteem, produce behavioral problems or withdrawal, and cause resistance to education.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to watch Matthew and Michael suffer all those years. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Learning difficulties, whether they are diagnosed disabilities or not, need to be addressed. If they receive attention while they are simply learning difficulties, they may not lead to the negative chain reaction that can produce educational, personal, emotional, social and relational issues.

I encourage you to take action now. I don’t want anyone to go through what we went through before we found these life changing answers.

More than anything, I wish for you your child to have a future filled with opportunity and possibilities.

We are here to help.

Apply for your free 1 hour consultation so you can discuss your concerns with one of our learning experts, have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how Breakthroughs in Learning can help you find success.

Just imagine how it will feel to see your child enjoying that kind of breakthrough and achieving that kind of success after struggling so hard, for so long!

Imagine what it would be like to see them finally free to fully enjoy learning.

We look forward to speaking with you,

Pauline Turton



How You Can Affect Long Term, Positive Change for Your Child

Creating a Customized Solution for Overcoming Learning Difficulties

The latest research shows learning disabilities can be overcome in a learning environment that is individually tailored to a particular student’s needs.

So if you or your child have been struggling to find a solution to learning challenges, there is some very exciting news for you from Breakthroughs founder, Pauline Turton.

Breakthrough---Celebration-25bIn her extensive research, Pauline, a teacher, psychiatric nurse, and counselor who specializes in helping people overcome learning disabilities, found that the brain can be trained just like a muscle.

With training, the brain can perform better in all of the 27 different foundational brain skills that help us all to learn.

Each person has unique learning abilities and challenges. The key is to understand where your brain is underdeveloped and create a customized plan to strengthen and improve those specific areas.

How It Works / Get Started

The Breakthroughs team offers a free, initial one-on-one consultation to discuss the specific struggles you, your child or your young adult is facing. All questions are welcomed.

Once you we have shared information in the consultation, you have the option to move forward with a comprehensive Educational Assessment that measures the functioning in each of the 27 brain skill areas. In addition we will assess auditory and visual processing, modality and more. This will allow us to accurately identify which areas need development.

Once the data and analysis of the Educational Assessment has been prepared, the Breakthroughs team will explain any learning challenges to you in clear, non-technical language.

No two people are the same, and no two learning challenges are the same. That’s why the old, traditional “one size fits all” approach is so ineffective. It is also the reason that no two Breakthroughs solutions are the same. Breakthroughs will develop a customized Educational Therapy program to address yours or your child’s specific needs.


Why Breakthroughs Educational Therapy Program Is So Effective

The Breakthroughs educational therapy program recommended for you or your child will build and improve skills in a measurable, results-oriented way. Usually in one enjoyable, yet intensive session each week. A session consists of different exercises and games to help build and strengthen the skills needed in order to overcome learning challenges.

This proven approach has already helped thousands of children and adults to overcome their learning challenges.

The traditional answer to learning disabilities has been to fit someone into a specific program, which may be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Breakthroughs offers you lasting change through an individualized, one-on-one approach with a personal therapist.

Your child deserves more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

You and your child deserve the positive change that Breakthroughs has been successfully delivering to satisfied clients for over 20 years.



What Does the Breakthroughs Program Cost?

The initial consultation is completely free – and the assessment is less than what you would expect to pay a psychologist.

Instead of getting a standardized response that labels and classifies your child, you get…

  • A method based on the latest cutting-edge brain research that can change the life of your child and the atmosphere in your home.
  • A real solution to your child’s learning challenges.
  • A comprehensive program that will allow your child to develop the necessary learning skills to be successful in school and in life.

The best part is that you don’t have to invest a cent to begin this positive journey yourself or on behalf of your child!

All you need to do is click the button below to make a difference for your child or young adult– today and in the future.

Don’t wait. Schedule your Free 1-on-1 consultation now.

Because your child is worth it.


Deanna Koller

Thanks to Breakthroughs my son no longer struggles in reading.

Thanks to Breakthroughs my son no longer struggles in reading, organization and other brain skills. We are looking forward to a successful high school career!

Deanna Koller Mother of Sebastian (age 14)
Sharon Wallace

Breakthroughs has given us hope for a better future for our daughter.

After 4 months at Breakthroughs, our daughter, completely at her own initiative, read an entire book in 3 days!!! This was a girl who had taken 1 full year to read a similar book. She also appears to be enjoying school more and she is a better listener. Breakthroughs has given us hope for a better future for our daughter. Thank you Breakthroughs!

Sharon Wallace Mother of Meaghan (age 12)